The Curious Vegan

Vegan food is the latest craze, and with good reason... Incorporating vegan food into your diet has so many benefits; low in fat and cholesterol, packed full of essential nutrients, and (done right) completely free of nasty additives and processed foods. 

With the growing popularity of veganism, I myself have started to divulge into a new way of eating. What I have learnt, is how veganism is so commonly misconceived as eating "rabbit food" and how when making the change, so many of our favourites suddenly seem readily unavailable. But this is not the case! Vegan food does not have to be plain and boring - we can adapt all our favourite go-to comfort foods into seriously tasty, healthy, and good for you meals.

We welcome everyone on this course, from hard-core vegans who are making the plunge to a 100% vegan diet, to the "curious vegan" who simply wants to start incorporating vegan food into their weekly routine. So whether you're interested in vegan cooking to get that health boost you need, or because it has become a health necessity. Whether you want to save the animals, or save the planet... this workshop is designed to re-create our favourite fast foods, from scratch, in a hurry, using fresh ‘good for you’ ingredients. 100% vegan. 


In this workshop you will learn;

  • Tofu kebab with pickles and flat breads

  • ‘Pot noodles’ thai style noodles.

  • Naughty beetroot burger

  • Mushroom ‘sausage’ roll

  • Proper beans

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£60 per adult £40 young bakers (14-17) must be accompanied by an adult.

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