Taste Italy

Italy has some of the healthiest communities in Europe and around the world, both physically and mentally. This is believed to be linked to the naturally healthy Mediterranean diet that many Italians follow, along with the engagement in which it brings to its families and communities alike - and good bread is right at the heart of it!

This workshop is suitable for individuals interested in learning about Italian cooking, but we also encourage children or young chefs to come along and is a perfect opportunity for families to come together to learn about and practise the benefits of home cooking in a fun and practical environment.

Italian breads are well structured, light and full of flavour... Perfect for soaking up all that pasta sauce, spreading with pesto or dipping in a salsa to accompany cured meats and cheese! These are just a few things we will cover in this full day session, with recipe and instruction cards to take home.

What you will learn:


  • How to make fresh pasta 

  • Fresh tomato sauce

  • Focaccia and ciabatta

  • Caprice and Caesar salads from scratch

  • Pizza

  • Pesto and garden salsa

  • BAKED recipes and how-to cards


Next Available Course: 

Saturday 24th October 2020 10am-2pm in Roborough, Plymouth.

£60 per adult (18+), £40 per young chef (14-17) £30 per child (8-13).
Children and young chefs must be accompanied by a paying adult.

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