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Group Workshops

BAKED Cookery School offers a number of group baking and cookery classes designed for the complete novice, all the way through to those who already bake/cook and are looking to advance their skills and knowledge.
All BAKED workshops have a focus on using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist, learning how to work with raw ingredients, utilising the full potential of natural sugars and ferments to create truly tasty and healthy produce.
If you are new to baking but would be interested in learning how to make your own bread at home from scratch, try out our "From the Beginning; Basics of Baking Bread" course, designed to be more fun and hands-on for our beginner bakers.  
If you want to build on your bread baking skills and master the art of the yeast-less sourdough try out our more advanced course "Sourdough and Other Ferments" which will take you through the science behind fermentation and creating your own starter as well as the hands-on part of baking your own bread.
Fancy advancing your cooking skills? Try out one of our new cookery workshops in 2020  "The Household Chef" designed for home cooks and aspiring chefs to bring your cooking to the next level, or "The Curious Vegan" for those new to veganism or who are interested in learning how to cook vegan food.

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From the Beginning; The Basics of Baking
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Spelt and Rye; Low Gluten Baking.png
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1-to-1 Cookery Classes

BAKED also offers one-to-one cookery classes tailored to the individual. These classes start from the basics of wholesome home cooking for the complete novice, learning about ingredients and how to utilise cheaper cuts of meat, to the more advanced home cooks who want to work on a specific skill or dish. These one-to-one courses are very much adapted to your needs, so contact Jon with your enquiry or to find out more. 

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