About BAKED  Cookery School

BAKED is a pop-up artisan baking and cookery school based in Plymouth, Devon offering a number of group baking workshops as well as bespoke 1-to-1 cookery classes tailored to the individual. 

All BAKED workshops have a focus on using traditional techniques with a contemporary twist, learning how to work with raw ingredients, utilising the full potential of natural sugars and ferments to create truly tasty and healthy produce.

BAKED group courses are designed for the complete novice, all the way through to those who already bake/cook and are looking to advance their skills and knowledge. We keep our group sizes small with up to four people on each course to ensure everyone gets a chance to get stuck in and really benefit from the session.

Social and family engagement is a huge part of baking and cooking and BAKED Cookery School aims to encourage young bakers to get involved and build their skills and knowledge on real ingredients and where their food comes from. All of BAKED workshops are "Young Baker" (14-18yrs) friendly, but keep an eye out for special family / child friendly courses.

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About Me

All classes and workshops are run by myself, Jon Denley. With over 15 years experience working in the food industry, I have gained skills and knowledge from around the world in various different restaurants. I started my career as a pastry chef and have most recently been chef and production manager for an award winning artisan bakery.

My passion for raw ingredients stems from my childhood, pottering with my Gramps in his vegetable garden. Learning about the different veggies, how they grow, and how something that grew in the ground can then end up on my plate for dinner. Then later in life learning how a simple raw ingredient can be used in so many different ways to create different flavours. Learning that every ingredient contains natural compounds that when cooked properly needs no extra additives to make it "taste better".

I have developed these workshops with this in mind, with the aim to pass on some of the knowledge I have learnt over the years so that other people can rediscover the roots of real food.

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